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Nashik- Confluence of Striking Religious Realm and Tourist Attractions

Nashik is one of the oldest cities in India, tracing its past to the times of the Mauryan empire (207- 190 BCE), under Ashoka...

Jagdalpur – The Divine Bliss That Allures Devotees and Tourists Alike

Jagdalpur is located in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh state in central India. The city is within the ancient Dandakaranya, as mentioned in the...

Ayodhya– A city of spiritual splendor

Ayodhya is one of the holiest cities of ancient India. Its atmosphere is full of spiritual splendour. Its air is dense with a trail...

Hampi-Once Prosperous Empire Becomes Forgotten Land

Hampi is situated on the banks of the River Tungabhadra in the Bellary district of Karnataka state. Some part of the region including the...

Rameshwaram Temple -How A Visit Here Fulfills Your Quest for Salvation

Rameshwaram Temple or the officially known  Ramanathaswamy Temple is situated in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. It is about 560km south of the...

Badrinath Temple- Badrinath Where Lord Vishnu Performed Tapasya

Badrinath Temple is located  in the Chamoli district of the northern state of Uttarakhand in India. It is built on the Garhwal hill along...

Char Dham- How Order of Dham Defined

Char Dham refers to four holy abodes of God, considered by Hindus as the primary pilgrim centres in India over centuries. Devout Hindus believe...

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