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Raju KP
Raju KP

We in tonekenn.com enjoy exploring India’s rich cultural and heritage values.

One of the areas reflecting these values, we believe is ancient temples, religious monuments, traditional festivals, and things associated with it.

The purpose of this website is to explore the history of some holy places, customs, and traditions, and ascertain how it influenced society at different periods of time.

Identifying the religious significance and mythological characteristics of some famous temples is obviously a part of this exercise.

To visit these sacred place is a way of life for most of us in India. Sounds familiar?

Yes by doing so, we experience a divine grace and mental deliverance.

In a different perspective, regular pilgrimage at a large scale is going to help the economy both directly and indirectly.

In effect, the country’s tourism sector needs exactly that. A booster to the industry and the economy at large.

Religious pilgrimage amounts significantly contributes to the growth of the country’s tourism sector that could stimulate economic activity, generating more jobs, income and better living for the people.

For, it is reported that the travels for pilgrimage purpose in India account for a third of the total domestic travel in the country.